About Us

A little bit about our Avon journey so far.


We are Adam & Clare, and we got really serious with our Avon business in the latter part of 2019. Adam, having worked with many Avon team builders over the past 12 years or so in his other business, was aware of the opportunities and earnings available. So, off the back of that, Clare gave up her full-time account management role in a design, marketing & print business that she had been part of for 16 years, to concentrate fully on our Avon business. Adam had worked closely with Howard and Jane Philpott for a number of years, so there was no decision to be made as to who’s team we would join - we still remember their reaction when we told them what we were doing so we could ‘give Avon our all’. It really has been the best decision we made. Our Avon business has gone from strength to strength and given us more than we thought possible in such a short amount of time.

Avon has given us the freedom to be our own boss, we work hard, and love what we do, but it means we can have a long lunch with friends, treat the children or have that long weekend away. We work the hours we want, when we want – what job gives you that freedom?

Since starting our Avon journey, not only are we proud to be one of the fastest growing UK teams, we have enjoyed amazing success, winning holidays, accolades’ and recognition, alongside helping many others build their own Avon team giving them, like us, the residual income and lifestyle they thought impossible from their 9-5 jobs.

In this short time, along with huge promotions and bonuses, we have been lucky enough to win the following accolades:


  • 2nd overall sales leader in the WHOLE of AVON UK
  • 1st increased digital growth year on year in the WHOLE of AVON UK
  • GOLD President’s Club

Many of our team have also had great successes along-side us during 2020:

  • 3rd overall sales leader in the WHOLE of AVON UK
  • Top 10 placing in new sales leader category
  • Top 100 placing in top retailers
  • We also had at least 7 team members qualify for Mauritius – 1 of our team members being 1 of only 2 people in the WHOLE of AVON UK to receive the very top holiday including a VIP experience.

These results are out of the 10’s of 1000’s of Avon representatives in the entire Avon UK network!

Plus we’ve been lucky enough to win all expenses paid trips to the following places:

2019: Prague, Marrakesh

2020: Mauritius, Bangkok, Dubai

All this from just building a business we love and helping others replicate what we do!

We love finding and helping people discover their own Avon journey. Absolutely anyone can build the most amazing business imaginable. You can build fast or slow, we will help guide you at the pace you are happy with. You can build around your current job or around running your home and family – many of our team builders run their Avon business around their young families.

We are passionate about this business, and can help you build a great future, with an unimaginable residual income. If you would like to be part of our fast growing team, using all of our hints, tips and knowledge, alongside our easy to follow duplicable system, for more information or just an informal chat about what Avon can offer you please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.