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Top Tips & Best Practices for new reps – a quick overview

It can be daunting to know what to do when you first set up your account, so here are our top tips and what we believe to be best practice for getting your business off to a flying start.

  • Share your online store and digital brochure – potential of orders straight away!
  • Link your store to Avon Social and share on Facebook/Instagram etc.
  • Make a list of people you already know that may like to look at a brochure
  • Who/where could you leave some brochures? Your local post office, hairdressers, waiting rooms, could friends take a few into their work-place for you? Many of our reps have found retirement villages/retirement homes are a great place to leave brochures.
  • Plan a route to drop brochures too and keep a note of where you’ve dropped, who you’ve left a book with and who wasn’t interested at the moment.
  • When dropping books to a new area, we have found you lose far fewer books if you knock on the door first so you are leaving brochures only with people who are interested. You only need to say something along the lines of, ‘Hi, I’m new to Avon, would you like to see the latest Avon brochure?’. There is no need to ‘sell’ as people know Avon and love a browse!
  • You can blanket drop, but we have found you lose quite a few books, but this can still work really well if you purchase a high enough number of books, and don’t mind losing a few.
  • We drop our books one day and collect the next, but would advise leaving for no more than 2 days - people have no sense of urgency otherwise to look through and may forget to place their order as we think they have lots of time to look through it!
  • Always collect when you say you will. If people haven’t left a book out, and are not in when you knock, make sure you have a note to pop trough their door to say something along the lines of, ‘I hope you enjoyed the latest Avon brochure, sorry I missed you when I came to collect it, please let me know if you would like to order’, or ‘let me know when it is convenient to pop back and collect’.
  • Be consistent
  • Make sure everyone knows you are an Avon rep
  • Always have an Avon brochure on you, you never know who may ask for one
  • Set some goals as to what you want to achieve/earn
  • Try to plan your month – when you will drop/collect etc., you may have weeks you can do a little more with your Avon business, and weeks where you can’t do so much.
  • Make sure you order the new campaign brochures in good time (campaigns start 1st of the month, end at 6pm on the last day of the month) – we drop our new campaign books out just before the new campaign starts so we can place our first orders as soon as the new campaign opens.
  • Make sure your orders are £30+ (see placing your order page 5) and plan to collect orders accordingly so you can place quickly and customers are not waiting too long.

Avon Social

Avon Social is an amazing tool that we can use to help promote our Avon business through social media. There is the option of free use, or you can pay a very small fee to have the advanced options. With this you can schedule posts to many different social media platforms, with Avon social ensuring you have the correct engagement posts etc. Just go to your main rep page, and click on the Avon Social link that will look like the picture above. You can also join the Avon Social facebook group, just search Avon Social, or click:

Avon Connect/90 day training

Avon have a whole host of tools to help you achieve your goals with your Avon business, we really recommend taking the 90 day training. This gives you a good insight into the Avon products and will help you engage with your Avon customers. Just click on incentives (as shown here), on the first page of your rep site, then choose the 90 day reward programme.

Just follow the step by step guides and you could get your hands on some amazing products, and all for doing something that is only going to help your business! Avon have figures too, that prove people who complete the 90 day training get % more sales that those that don’t.

Team Training/Help

Our Booths Beauty/High Flyers team is part of the Achievers Team. Within this team is a whole host of help and support. So, as well as both of us, you have a huge array of extra tools to help you.

Join the Achievers Team face book group: and you will have on tap, a really useful platform where up to date information is posted.

In this group every Monday & Wednesday at 8pm is a reps facebook ‘live’. This is normally 15/20 mins long and has lots of hints and tips every week to help you get the most out of being an Avon representative. If you have any questions these can be answered, if you have any great ideas these can be shared, and is generally an amazing tool we are lucky to have.

If you go on to be a team leader, there is a ‘sizzle’ every Tuesday evening at 8pm, where all the up to date information is cascaded, questions can be asked and is generally a really useful tool for sharing ideas, plus give you a host of ideas from other leaders. There is also a team training ‘live’ once a month, for those team builders. (If you are thinking of becoming a leader, or would like more information with an informal chat, just drop us a line and we can have an informal chat about how this works).

Avon themselves have lots of Microsoft Team training too, and always have a variety of different topics you can choose to drop in and listen to. Again, a great tool to get you up and running. Avon email these out to reps, so it should be easy to link into these if you choose to.