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Managing your store orders

  • When you receive an order through your store, Avon will send you an email to say you have a direct delivery order. You do not have to do anything at this point, as Avon will fulfil this order, delivering to your customer directly.
  • You can track your store orders, but logging in to your store, going to the top tab ‘Orders’. You will then see your customer details, and their total order £.
  • It’s a really nice idea to drop your customer a message to thank them for your order and to offer any help should they need it. Many customers will not necessarily know how they are shopping with, and by adding in that personal touch, you help ensure they return to you.

  • Customers can opt-in to Avon marketing, so will receive emails direct, but if you wish, you can also keep in touch with those customers that have opted in. By going to your ‘dashboard’ tab in your store, you can email your customers direct with any offer/promotion/update etc., you wish to share. Again, keeping that personal touch, will ensure repeat custom.
  • Avon keep your website up to date so there is no need for you to do anything other than keep sharing your link, but if you wish to personalise it a bit more, just go to the dashboard part of your store, (as above), and you can update/amend it from here.
  • Make sure you share your store link regularly, at least each campaign, so that people know it’s there.