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Credit limit

When you join Avon, currently every new rep will be given a £250 credit limit, this will automatically increase after a certain amount of active campaigns.

This means that you can order up to £250 on your account, either in one go, or with different orders. You must ensure each invoice is paid within 13 days and that the credit limit is not exceeded as this will ensure you have no held orders. If invoices are overdue and you place an order, Avon will hold the order until the account is brought up to date, then your order will be automatically released.

Note: You have 13 days to pay each invoice, the thinking behind this being that this is ample time for Avon to deliver to you, you to take to customer and collect payment, to then pay Avon their part keeping your commission.

Making Payments

When you want to pay an invoice, this is really easy.

  • Log in to your rep site and you should see your balance on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Click on the ‘Make a Payment’ purple button and you can pay by card.
  • Alternatively go to My Own Office and in the drop down you will see ‘account balance’ and ‘make a payment’, either of these you can pay through by clicking the make a payment button. The ‘account balance’ tab will show you all your payments and all your online commissions that have been credited against your rep account giving you the current balance. (A +£ balance is what you owe Avon, a -£ balance will be what Avon owe you).

Note: Avon will pay your commission into your bank from your online sales, unless your rep balance is more than what they need to pay you. If they owe you less than what you owe them from your brochure sales, they will credit your rep account instead. This means you will have less to pay when you come to clear an invoice.

Bank details

In your profile section add in your bank details so Avon can pay you any online commission from your online store and digital brochure sales. If you go to My Own Office tab, then My Profile.

General Representative Info

Your representative site, is where you go for anything to do with your own sales, and training.

Have a look around your rep site, so you get familiar with it – you can’t do anything wrong! You will find links to Avon Social, the First Look book, President’s Club info along with lots of other useful information and tips. There is also a section for training and development where you will link to Avon Connect, here you will find lots of training. Definitely worth a browse 🙂